As of 22/2/2018 there are new data breach notification requirements that have serious impacts on businesses and their reputations. These laws were devised to protect customers and their data, ensure that companies are responsibly handling their data, maintain best practice and to enforce correct reporting procedures in the event of a data breach. They apply to you if you are any of the following (the list is not exhaustive or definitive and you should obtain formal advice):

- Operate a business with a turnover of $3 million or more

- Health service provider, including medical practices, dental practices, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and so on

- Credit reporting body

- TFN recipients, e.g. employers

- Disclose or collect personal information in exchange for a benefit, service or advantage

Potential significant penalties (up to $1.8 million) apply for non-compliance with the notification requirements.

Even if you are not subject to the Privacy Act, you may be under other obligations to protect data or maintain confidentiality.

All businesses should seek to apply best industry practice in the handling and security of its data and information to mitigate the risk of a breach.

Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential 8 Strategies to mitigate cyber threats:

Application whitelisting

Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

Patch applications

User application hardening

Restrict administrative privileges

Patch operating systems

Multi-factor authentication

Daily backups

We provide end-to-end security solutions — from advisory services to fully managed security operations.

We can implement an integrated, company-wide approach to protecting your enterprise, systems, users, processes, applications and data effectively.

Our solutions encompass, local, cloud, mobility and advanced reporting.


Security Advisory Services

Intelligent Security Operations

Identity & Access Management

Infrastructure & Endpoint Security

Threat/Vulnerability Management

Security Risk Management

Data Protection, Privacy and data breach response planning

Cloud Security

The effect of an attack can be long-lasting and widespread. Is your organisation ready to defend itself?

Our security assessment will provide you an indication of your risk level.

Key statistics

Almost 1 in 5 Australian SMBs have been targeted by a cyberattack.

52% of the businesses who had experienced a cyberattack had fallen to an email or phishing scam.

Small business is the target of 43% of all cybercrimes.